Trauma and Neglect

With Senate Resolution 0099, Illinois declared May 15, 2019 as Trauma-Informed Awareness Day to highlight the impact of trauma and the importance of prevention and community resilience through trauma-informed care.

Take a moment to review the available resources for training to increase awareness for everyone in this vital work with the youngest citizens of Illinois.  This list was created to highlight some important offerings from state-wide community partners with the trauma-informed lens!  Please share with others and extend an invitation to them to participate in some of these offerings!

OneOp (formerly Military Families Learning Network)

OneOp Early Intervention Trauma Module Link:

  • Childhood Trauma: Understanding, Supporting, and Preventing web-based modules (carries EITP CE credits) This course was created by OneOp’s Early Intervention Team and co-sponsored by EITP.  This course explores childhood trauma, disability, and trauma-informed practices in early childhood settings. This self-paced, interactive module includes four units which cover the prevalence and impact of trauma, manifestation of trauma in young children, providing trauma-informed supports, and preventing future trauma.  It is designed to be a high-level overview of the topic and a starting point for professionals working with young children and their families.

OneOp Webinars

OneOp Blog Posts

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse

Everyone who suspects child abuse or neglect should call the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Child Abuse Hotline to make a report, but Mandated Reporters are required by law to do so.

Mandated Reporter Information for Illinois
Offers information about what it means to be a mandated reporter and links to a variety of resources to assist professionals who work with families and young children. Includes a link to the DCFS online course that is required for Illinois Mandated Reporters to understand their critical role in protecting children by recognizing and reporting child abuse.

Digging Deep: Utilizing Trauma Informed Practices in Early Intervention (SFY20 dates coming soon)
This webinar series is a follow-up to the Childhood Trauma: Understanding, Supporting, and Preventing online module.  Participants will dig deeper into what trauma-informed practices are and how early interventionists (EIs) can utilize trauma-informed strategies in their everyday work.  The goals of this offering are to increase the capacity of EIs to collaborate effectively and create actionable local plans related to trauma-informed care, increase knowledge of evidence-based EI policies, practices, and programs, enhance the ability of EIs to identify, implement, and monitor the impacts of effective trauma-informed practices, and to improve the capacity of the EI systems to sustain implementation of evidence-based practices that are trauma-informed.  These sessions will be held virtually, in a live, real-time format through ZOOM, will be highly interactive and are well suited for professionals who are interested in reflecting upon current practices AND are ready to make changes in their EI practice.

Trauma in the World: Wellness on the Mind (FY20 dates coming soon)
Many professionals know about major sources of trauma but underestimate how much accumulated instances of it can detrimentally impact children and families. This professional development opportunity uncovers the many sources of traumatic experiences and their subsequent effects.  Trauma awareness and strategies to detoxify the trauma through the process of wellness hygiene are discussed.

Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map

Statewide Child Abuse & Neglect 2009-2015
This landing page offers spreadsheets and static maps from 2009-2015 on the number and the rates per 1,000 children age 0 through 17 indicated for abuse and neglect as well as those indicated for sexual abuse.

Spotlight on Stats: Child Abuse & Neglect
This one-page report describes the types and implications of child maltreatment and contains two maps showing the number and rate per 1,000 children indicated for abuse and neglect in 2015.  

Number per 1,000 of Illinois Children Indicated for Abuse and Neglect By County, 2015
This map shows the number per 1,000 children indicated for abuse and neglect by county in 2015. It was created using data from the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services’ report on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse

Stress and Trauma in Young Children
This resource guide provides a collection of recommended family-centered and professional resources in a variety of formats including (books, audiobooks, ebooks, videos and websites) to assist those working with young children and their families who have experiences stress and trauma. To borrow any of these materials or others, contact the EI Clearinghouse.

Illinois Early Learning Project

Additional Resources

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center: Disaster Planning and Trauma Response
This topic page provides resources to assist individuals working with children and families to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters or other emergency situations.

Child Trends News Service: Overcoming Childhood Trauma video
The Child Trends News Service is a collaboration of the Child Trends Hispanic Institute and Ivanhoe Broadcast News, with the support of the National Science Foundation.